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Sydney Tree & Garden Services are Sydney’s leading tree and garden service providers who have been operating for over 20 years. Our firm is Australian owned, and our business is primarily based in the Sydney region. We are known for providing clients with exceptional and unmatched Greenwich tree and garden solutions. Professionalism is constantly upheld, and our team of expert Greenwich tree and garden service providers are always striving to ensure services are undertaken efficiently and productively.

We offer a range of Sydney Tree and Garden Services in Greenwich. These include:

  • Tree Removal Greenwich
  • Tree Pruning Greenwich
  • Tree Trimming Greenwich
  • Emergence Tree Services Greenwich
  • Stump Grinding Greenwich
  • Tree Mulching Greenwich
  • Land Clearing Greenwich
  • Landscaping Services Greenwich
  • Gardening Services Greenwich

Tree Removal Greenwich

Tree removal Greenwich is a Sydney tree service which involves removing trees which have grown closely to your home, to the public, or those trees which have grown too large. We understand that such trees may pose as a nuisance hence requesting our immediate tree removal Greenwich services here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services. For a productive and efficient tree removal Greenwich service, be sure to contact our team of professional tree removal in Greenwich service providers here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services.

Tree Felling Greenwich

Our tree felling Greenwich service entails the careful removal of any type of tree, no matter its size. As such, our professional Greenwich tree fellers will remove the tree from your premise or property in a matter which suits you. In order to attain an efficient and reliable tree felling service in Greenwich be sure to contact our team here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services. You may request a non-obligation or free quote.

Tree Trimming Greenwich

Our tree trimming Greenwich service is a highly sought out service here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services. In response, we have dedicated an entire team of tree trimming Greenwich expert service providers to deliver reliable solutions. Our tree trimming in Greenwich service encompasses the modification of any tree, hence re-shaping the physical appearance of the tree in a manner which suits your vision and needs. Our main Greenwich tree trimming service delegations offered here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Tree Cleaning – This essential part of the tree trimming Greenwich service involves the precise removal of any dead or dying branches and leaves which may be present on your premise or property.
  • Crown Raising – Our Greenwich crown raising aspect of the Sydney tree removal service involves cutting down any low hanging branches which in turn have posed a nuisance.
  • Crown Thinning – This aspect of the tree trimming Greenwich service involves removing particular portions of a trees crown with the intent of achieving a tree crown best aligned with your image.

For a professional tree trimming service in Greenwich be sure to contact our professional tree trimmers Greenwich here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services. We will gladly provide clients with additional information and a non-obligation quote.

landscaping Greenwich Garden-Maintenance Greenwich Tree landscaping Greenwich

Tree Pruning Greenwich

Our professional tree pruning Greenwich service is a similar tree service to that of our tree trimming Greenwich service. By contrast, our tree pruning service in Greenwich involves altering the appearance of trees before they have matured. Undertaking this process will further improve the overall strength of your trees. For a professional tree pruning service in Greenwich be sure to contact our expert tree pruners Sydney here at Sydney Tree & Garden.

Land Clearing Greenwich

Sydney Tree & Garden offers a comprehensive land clearing Greenwich service. This Sydney tree service involves the clearing of any type of land, no matter the size, hence making room for additional structures or replantation. Our land clearers in Greenwich have been trained to deliver high-quality and cost-efficient land clearing Greenwich services. Contact our team of professional Greenwich land clearers here at Sydney Tree & Garden.

Stump Grinding Greenwich

Our Greenwich stump grinding service encompasses the complete removal of any type of tree stump, regardless of its size. At times, certain tree stumps may become a nuisance and also may pose as a hazard. Contact our team of professional Greenwich stump grinders for an efficient and reliable stump grinding Greenwich service.

Tree Mulching Greenwich

Tree mulching Greenwich is a service which involves the safe and organic removal of weeds from premises, no matter whether residential, commercial, or industrial. The banning of pesticides has made it difficult for residents and business owners to effectively remove and prevent weed growth. Our alternative, termed tree mulching Greenwich, involves the organic prevention of weed germination, hence managing weed growth in an environmentally safe manner. For a non-obligation quote and additional information, be sure to contact our team of tree mulchers in Greenwich here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services.

Emergency Tree Services Greenwich

Our emergency tree service Greenwich is potentially our most important service offered here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services. Our Greenwich emergency tree service involves the rapid response to any type of emergency tree service in Greenwich. Our emergency tree service in Greenwich operates 24/4 and our team is prepared and trained to respond to any emergency tree service Greenwich in a manner which will disperse of any threats. If you require an emergency tree service in Greenwich, contact our team of emergency tree service Greenwich service providers as soon as possible.

Contact our Professional Greenwich Tree Removal Services Team

For additional information regarding our Greenwich tree removal services be sure to contact our team here at Sydney Tree & Garden Services on 0406 195 478. Alternatively, contact our team via our online forum.


Sydney Tree & Garden is awesome! They made the process of implementation super easy and have been available to answer any questions that we have had. We saw results immediately and are very excited to be working with Sydney Tree & Garden!

Milton - Pymble

A note to say thank you for our trees which are looking great in my garden. Sydney Tree & Garden are very nice guys and did an excellent job.

Romsey - Macquarie

You guys have worked superbly. The trees are a lovely shape and the whole area cleared and swept - it could not be better, we are extremely pleased and thankful.

MacGregor - Jordans spring

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